About Me

Hello! I'm Jacqueline, a branding photographer based in the beautiful Raleigh, NC area. It's a pleasure to share a bit about myself with you.

First and foremost, I am happily married to my wonderful husband, Josh. His support and encouragement have been instrumental in my photography journey, and I'm grateful to have him by my side.

When I'm not behind the camera, you can often find me indulging in my love for storytelling through various forms of media. I enjoy unwinding with a captivating TV series or losing myself in the pages of a good book. Exploring new destinations is another favorite pastime of ours, as I find inspiration in the diversity and beauty of the world.

Aside from being a dedicated photographer, I also am a preschool director at a half-day school!

With over eight years of experience in the photography industry, I have had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients and brands. Each collaboration has been a rewarding experience, allowing me to help individuals and businesses elevate their visual presence and communicate their stories effectively.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little better. I look forward to connecting with you, hearing your story, and working together to create stunning visuals that truly reflect the heart and soul of your brand.

I also LOVE creating presets for YOU to use on your own photos!

Check them out over on Instagram! ⬇️